Advanced Leadership Awards

Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB)


To be eligible for this award, a member must have:


Achieved new Competent Leader award

Achieved Competent Communicator award (or Competent Toastmaster award)

Served at least six months as a club officer (president, vice president education, vice president membership, vice president public relations, secretary, treasurer or sergeant at arms) and participated in the preparation of a Club Success Plan while serving in this office

While serving in the above office, participated in a district-sponsored club officer training program
Conducted any two presentations from The Successful Club Series and/or The Leadership Excellence Series


Advanced Leader Silver (ALS)


To be eligible for this award, a member must have:


Achieved Advanced Leader Bronze award (or "old" Competent Leader award)

Served a complete term as a district leader (district governor, lieutenant governor, public relations officer, secretary, treasurer, division governor or area governor). A complete term is defined as having served at least from September 1 through June 30. Those assuming office after September 1 do not qualify as having served a full term

Completed the High Performance Leadership program

Served successfully as a club sponsor, mentor or coach


To apply for either of the Advanced Leader awards, complete the appropriate section of the AL/DTM application and ask your vice president education to submit it online to World Headquarters. You'll receive a certificate and, if you wish, World Headquarters will send your employer a letter about your accomplishment.